About the reggae band Meta and the Cornerstones

Meta Dia formed the band "Meta and the Cornerstones" in New York in 2006. The band members, carefully selected for their musical expertise and passion for reggae, quickly created a unique fusion of traditional reggae, world music and African influences. They released their debut album, "Forward Music," in 2008, to rave reviews and established the band as a rising force on the international reggae scene.

Music production

"Forward Music" is Meta and the Cornerstones' first studio album, released in 2008. This album marked the start of their musical career and immediately caught the attention of the reggae community. It features a unique blend of traditional reggae, world music and African influences. The album is praised for its driving rhythms, rich vocal harmonies and profound lyrics. Notable songs from the album include "Cornerstone," "struggle and strife (senegal)," and "somewhere in africa". The album was well received by critics and established Meta and the Cornerstones as an emerging force in the world of reggae.

Five years after their second album, the band released "Ancient Power" in 2013. This album shows a musical evolution and even more committed lyrics. Meta Dia and his band continue to fuse diverse musical influences to create a sound that transcends cultural boundaries. "Ancient Power" includes songs such as "Mayan River," "Ancient Power," "Beloved Africa (feat. Damian Marley)," and "Rooftop (feat. U-Roy)." The album has been praised for its artistic maturity and ability to tackle important social issues while creating catchy music.

In 2016, Meta and the Cornerstones released "Hira" their third album. This musical project is marked by even deeper lyrics and captivating musical compositions. The album features a subtle fusion of reggae, world music and African influences, creating a unique sound. "Hira" includes committed songs such as "Hira," which deals with the challenges facing women in Africa, as well as "Do (feat. Concha Buika)," "The Fig and the Olive Tree." and "Mind Your Business" This album has been acclaimed for its social awareness and positive message.

One of the masterpieces of Reggae history released in 2021. "DIA" is the ambitious 16-track fourth album by Senegalese singer-songwriter Meta Dia. 

Many titles, such as "Liberation", evoke the dark side of our times and our planet (racism, poverty, war, destruction of the planet, etc.), but never provoke anger or hatred. Meta, the songwriter, more aptly refers to spirituality, sometimes Sufi, sometimes Rasta, and at best to the Valley of Decision, where good will eventually triumph over evil on songs such as "Boomerang Love," "By Your Side," and "Free (feat. Mirna Haje)". Meta Dia appears truly wise in these times of suffering, and does not hesitate to deliver his positive messages. The musical quality of this album is excellent. Most of the compositions are by Mouhammad Dia aka Meta Dia. A tribute to Bob Marley appears on "Concrete Jungle (feat. Julian Marley & Malik Work)".

Each of these four albums is a testament to Meta and the Cornerstones' musical talent for creating meaningful, inspiring music that transcends generations. Their ability to fuse diverse cultural influences while addressing crucial social issues makes Meta and the Cornerstones an important player in the world of modern reggae music. These albums have helped establish the band as a force on the international reggae scene, and their musical legacy continues to influence and inspire listeners worldwide.

Live performances

Meta and the Cornerstones are renowned for their energetic, spellbinding live performances. They have performed on prestigious stages around the world, including the Montreux Festival in Switzerland, the Glastonbury World Music Festival in the UK and Reggae Sun Ska in France. Their performances captivate audiences and convey a message of peace, love and harmony.

"My music speaks of peace, love and harmony. It is the language of the free soul".

— Meta Dia


The group has recorded several albums, the most notable of which are :

  • Forward Music (2008)
  • Ancient Power (2013)
  • Hira (2016)
  • Dia (2021)


  • Somewhere in Africa (feat. Peetah of Morgan Heritage) (2008)
  • My Beloved Africa (feat. Damian Marley) (2013)
  • Zion Stereo (2014)
  • Breeze (2021)
  • Two Pockets (2022)
  • Million Miles (2022)

Each of these albums is acclaimed for its unique blend of sound and profound lyrics.


Meta and the Cornerstones have received numerous awards and nominations, including :

2010 - Winner of the African Music Awards

2021 - Grammy Award nominee - Best Reggae Album

2022 - Gold disc awarded to Meta Dia for over 50,000 UPFI-certified albums sold with the song Enfants des ghettos on the album Paradise in collaboration with DUB INC.

These awards testify to the band's impact on the international music scene and their commitment to meaningful musical creation.

Meta and the Cornerstones continue to leave their mark on reggae music, spreading a message of love, social justice and conscience across the globe with their spellbinding music and unforgettable stage performances.